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Providing charitable assistance to the Law Enforcement community and citizens of Clackmas County


On July 29, 2014, the Sheriff’s Office launched the Military Employee Support Program (MESP). It helps establish a support mechanism for Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office employees who serve as citizen soldiers in the nation’s Guard and Reserve Units.

This includes financial and logistical support of families of CCSO employees deployed overseas by the Guard and Reserve. This support can include:

  • Financial help to make up for income shortfalls during training/deployment
  • Errands/chores
  • Care packages
  • Family care
  • Gift certificates
  • Child/youth programs
  • Assistance in adjusting to civilian law-enforcement environment when returning to duty

A Military Employee Support Program fund was also established through the Clackamas County Peace Officers’ Benevolent Foundation (CCPOBF). This fund will create a pool the Foundation can draw from to provide support for deployed CCSO employees and their families. Donations to the fund can be made by mailing a check to:

attn: Military Employee Support Program
P.O. Box 678
Clackamas, OR 97015

Please make the check payable to CCPOBF and put “Military Employee Support Program” in the memo line. Donors will receive a donation receipt using this method. The CCPOBF is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit foundation.


The Military Employee Support Program is one way to help. Sheriff Roberts is also working with State Rep. Shemia Fagan to introduce LC 1068 — a bill for the 2015 Oregon legislative session that allow sheriffs’ offices and other public-safety offices to supplement their employees’ pay when the employees are on active duty with the Guard and Reserve.

“This adds no additional cost to my payroll,” said Roberts. “I’ve already budgeted for my deputies’ full salaries.”

As reported by KOIN 6 in October:

In some cases, Fagan said state employees’ pay can be cut in half [by deployment], and for that reason, she is introducing legislation that would repeal the current law keeping employers from offering differential pay.

“I’m excited for how this is going to affect firefighters, police officers, sheriffs all over the state to be able to actually continue to support their families at a level that’s sustainable while they’re out serving our country and the military,” said Fagan.

Fagan said she thinks her bill is a win-win for all and has promised to fast track it for early next year [2015] in Salem.

“I expect it to pass unanimously through the Capitol,” she said.