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Update on Alex Hussey!

Update from Heidi, Alex's aunt on 10/23/12: Alex is now in Palo Alto, California and they have completed skin grafts for both legs and his left forearm and right hand and there are no problems with them they are advancing well. My sister, Caree, and Alex's fiance', Kim, are working every day with Alex on his therapy and he is starting to be able to move a bit on his own, meaning his body is responding to the therapy and relearning. What a praise!  The doctors said since Alex has been responding but not able to completely come out of his coma they started him in a program called "Emerging Consciousness."  This is a 45 day program to slowing bring him completely out of the coma, as he has been unable to do himself. They have seen bits of alex behind his glazed eyes and are pretty positive he will come out of this. He's a fighter that is for sure! They have capped his trach and have been weening him off of it, being careful he doesn't have too many secretions. Alex has had a strong cough and the doctors are glad Alex has been coughing up most of the gunk by himself, keeping him from developing pneumonia. He is doing well but its definitely slow moving, but as long as there is progression he will recovery fully. The doctors are hopeful and so is the whole family. Please see earlier articles for information on how to make a donation.  Alex's recovery will be a long one, with family striving to be with him as much as possible.  The costs for travel, food and lodging could use your help!  Thank you!
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