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Surgery Successful for Autumn Rose!

This is just out from Autumn's sister, Rae: Autumn's surgery was a huge success! Her surgeon finished ahead of schedule. He met with us immediately after he was done and showed us pictures of her brain at several stages of the surgery. The tumor is gone! She is in ICU right now and it will remain there for the first 24 hours, after which she will be moved to a regular recovery room. Her husband, my mom, dad and I have all been back to see her awake and doing incredibly. In between naps, she is in great spirits--cracking jokes and so glad that tumor is finally gone! Autumn is resting a lot today, but believe it or not, she will start some physical therapy tomorrow! Presently, we need to pray for her brain swelling to stay down and for brain fluid in the area and blood in the surrounding veins to flow properly now that the tumor is gone. Love to you all and endless thanks for your prayers and support. We left Portland just before snow and ice started, which could've potentially grounded our flight and delayed the surgery. Many details such as this, we credit to an all-knowing, all-powerful, loving God who hears the cries of his people and intercedes for them. Your cries for Autumn have been many, and loud, and relentless. We couldn't ask for more. Keep crying out! -Rae Your donations through the Benevolent Foundation and contributions through GoFundMe have helped with this.  Thank you. More to follow.  You can also see the updates from the family on the GoFundMe site at