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Sheriff Roberts rides in Cycle Oregon

Sheriff Roberts rides in Cycle OregonSept 10 through the 17th will find Sheriff Craig Roberts pedaling his bicycle in his second Cycle Oregon outing. Craig will be riding a tandem bicycle, and pushing him along in the back seat will be his 14 year old son, Ryan. It will be a week long ride covering 500 miles. The ride will begin in Sutherlin and pass through the communities of Cottage Grove, Reedsport, Bandon, Port Orford, Riddle, Powers and returning to the start location in Sutherlin. Craig is a board member of the Clackamas County Peace Officer’s Benevolent Foundation. He has a great heart for children, and one of the reasons for the ride is to help raise awareness of the plight of thousands of orphans living in conditions unimaginable by western standards in the war torn nation of Liberia. The Benevolent Foundations supports the work being done in Liberia by Orphan Relief and Rescue, a small charity working hard at improving the living conditions of some of these children. To date we have raised approximately $90,000.00 that has been used to build a complete new orphanage for 50 children. We have purchased and shipped a near new pickup truck to Liberia that is being used in the many construction and renovation projects on several very substandard orphanages. We have also shipped two large crates of children’s clothes containing more than 500 garments, generously donated by Columbia Sportswear. We are currently working on raising $22,000.00 which will provide furniture, 24 bunk beds with mosquito nets for a new boy’s dorm, as well as furniture and school desks for 150 students. The needs are many and ongoing, and if you would like to donate, please do so at this website and mark Orphan Relief and Rescue as the recipient. Thanks for your support, Craig Roberts, Sheriff, Clackamas County
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