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Message regarding the recent tragedy from Steve Hyson

Beloved citizens of Clackamas County and all of Oregon, On Friday, February 12th one of our CCPOA members, Jeffrey Grahn committed an incomprehensible act when he took the life of his wife, Charlotte, and the life of Kathleen Hoffmeister, and the critical wounding of Victoria Schulmerich. On behalf of all CCPOA members I wanted to express my deepest sorrow for the family members of all victims’. I want the public to know that Jeff Grahn’s actions in no way are condoned by the members of CCPOA and the Sheriff’s Office. As CCPOA President I worked to found the Clackamas County Peace Officer’s Benevolent Foundation. One of the core mission’s of the Benevolent Foundation is to assist at risk youth and victims of crimes. The Benevolent Foundation’s Board of Directors is comprised of police officer’s from several agencies as well as police administrators, and citizens from the public. The Benevolent Foundation has worked diligently to provide assistance to people and to other charitable organizations. Some of the projects we support have included; Orphan Relief, The Madonna Center, Special Olympics, The Children’s Center of Oregon City, The Lot Whitcomb Fields Project and many other charitable programs. The Benevolent Foundation has also reached out to help people including the support of Jake French who suffered a disabling injury to aid in his recovery. The Benevolent Foundation is also proud to fund a program known as Shop with a Cop where we provided financial support at Christmas time to assist children affected by poverty and crime. Today, the Benevolent Foundations Board of Directors approved $10,000 to assist the families of all the victims affected by this incident. The Benevolent Foundation has established the Charlotte Grahn Memorial Fund and opened a bank account at Wells Fargo to collect donations which will help support all the victim’s families of this dread incident. You can make donations directly to the Clackamas County Peace Officer’s Benevolent Foundation, or at any branch of Wells Fargo. For more information on the Benevolent Foundation, please visit our website at As President of the Clackamas County Peace Officer’s Association, I assure you that we have sworn our lives to protect and serve you. CCPOA has been very proactive in working to help build positive relationships with the community where we live, and to whom we serve. Please do not let the actions of this one person, who was acting on his own, to negatively impact our valued and trusted relationship. Sincerely, Steve Hyson CCPOA President CCPO Benevolent Foundation President
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