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Kaleb is Home!!

The following is from the Christensen's: Well there is finally some good news to report. If you did not already hear Kaleb was re-admitted to Stanford Hospital on 12-31-12 for the BK Virus which attacks the kidneys and urinary tract and was caused by his suppressed immune system. This virus usually happens in kidney transplants and is very rare for a liver transplant recipient. On Tuesday 01-08-13 Kaleb and I traveled back to Oregon via medical air transport and he was admitted to the Randall Children's Hospital in Portland to continue the treatment for the virus. Today, 01-11-13 after 89 days post transplant, Kaleb was released from the hospital and got to come home.  :) He still has several out-patient treatments to undergo but at least he is finally well enough to be home.  Thanks for everyone's well wishes and support during Kaleb's transplant on-going treatment. The support we received is helping us get through this difficult time and will never be forgotten. A special thanks to Amber who stayed with our son in California away from the family for over 80 days non-stop to care for him.    The Christensen's John, Amber, Kealohi, Carson, & Kaleb The Benevolent Foundation opened an account on August 14, 2012 at Clackamas Federal Credit Union in Oregon City, just prior to Kaleb's trip to Stanford for his surgery.  Since that time, there have been 39 donations totaling $8,308.72.  Funds have been used to pay for travel, housing in California and other expenses related to Kaleb's surgery.  Thank you to all who have made donations! 
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