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Providing charitable assistance to the Law Enforcement community and citizens of Clackmas County

Help Corrections Officer Nathan Seitz

Seitz 5 Seitz 1 Seitz 3The Clackamas County Peace Officers’ Benevolent Foundation has established the Officer Nathan Seitz Fund.  Twenty-nine year old “Nate” Seitz has worked as a Clackamas County Community Corrections Officer for over six years.  Nate has been an active community member, participating in athletics, coaching youth basketball in Happy Valley, Oregon and mentoring youth at his church.  Over the past several months, Nate has acquired an autoimmune disease which is quickly destroying his kidney function.  Nate requires a kidney transplant.  This surgery is now projected to occur sometime during the next six months.  It is estimated that Nate will be off work for at least eight months during which a good portion of time will be unpaid leave. Multiple fundraising events are organized and will be publicized in the near future.  The money raised for the Officer Nathan Seitz Fund will be used to assist Nate and his wife with related medical expenses and living expenses during the absence of Nate’s income, and to offset the cost of maintaining his medical insurance upon expiration of his County paid benefits. Direct donations can be made by mailing a check to:  CCPOBF, PO Box 426, Oregon City, OR 97045.  Please make the check payable to CCPOBF and put Officer Nathan Seitz Fund in the memo line. Donations can also be made in person at any branch of Clackamas Federal Credit Union.  Locations can be found by clicking on this link When making a donation at the bank, please let the teller know that the donation is for the Nathan Seitz Fund, which is under the Clackamas County Peace Officers’ Benevolent Foundation. The CCPOBF is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit foundation.  100% of the funds raised will be put towards the purpose outlined above. We thank the Clackamas Federal Credit Union and the Clackamas County Peace Officers’ Association, Benevolent Foundation for their help.  If you would like further information or would like to discuss making a non-cash donation, please contact Community Corrections Manger, Joy Thalman @ 503 722-6024.