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Providing charitable assistance to the Law Enforcement community and citizens of Clackmas County

Community Corrections Officer Nate Seitz at home on the mend!

A fundraising event sponsored by the Clackamas County Peace Officers’ Benevolent Foundation was held for Officer Nathan Seitz on May 16, 2014. The fundraiser was filled with laughs and heartfelt wishes from Nate’s co-workers, family, friends, church members and community leaders who joined together to support Nate and his wife.
Eleven days later, Nate underwent a very successful kidney transplant from which he is continuing to recover. Most recently, Nate has been medically released to begin an exercise program to work toward regaining his strength and stamina.
Thank you to the Clackamas County Peace Officers’ Benevolent Foundation, the community businesses partners and all of the individuals who made a big difference to Nate and his wife during a critical life event.