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CCPOBF Charity Auction

Orphan Relief and Rescue Poster

Approximately 150 guests attended and we will have raised nearly $25,000.00. Not quite as much as we had hoped for, but given the state of our current economy, I think it is a respectable showing.

There are a lot of people who played an important role in making this event a success. I would especially like to thank the Al Kader Shrine Center staff for the generous cost saving concessions that they extended to us as well as their assistance in making the auction a fun and successful event. Our auctioneer, Grant Sharp and announcer, Ann Mincey did a wonderful job. Two CCSO honor guardsmen and two staff members from OR&R acted as auction spotters.

I have received many compliments on the food that was prepared and served by Linda Fender and several volunteers from the Molalla Nazarene Church. Many thanks also to all the other volunteers, sponsors and donors.

We will continue to look for fundraising opportunities that will assist Orphan Relief and Rescue to improve the lives of some of the many orphans and abandoned children living in desperate conditions in Liberia. Click HERE to see a short video of the amazing things Orphan Relief & Rescue is doing.

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