Providing charitable assistance to the Law Enforcement community and citizens of Clackmas County

Benevolent Foundation assists two child-based programs in Clackamas County

On Wednesday, November 12, 2008, the Clackamas County Peace Officers Benevolent Foundation was pleased to present two organizations in Clackamas County with significant donations.  Both of these groups serve children in Clackamas County. Foundation President Steve Hyson presented The Children’s Center of Clackamas County with a check for $1000.00.  The Executive Director, Tonia Hunt, and the Medical Director, Dr. Michael Chen, MD, were present to receive the donation.  The Children’s Center of Clackamas County has a slogan “A place where healing begins….”  It is a medical evaluation center for abused and neglected children.  This local facility is now located on the Willamette Falls Hospital campus and will soon have new modern facilities to serve both the citizens of Clackamas County and the law enforcement community. Public and insurance funds cover approximately two-thirds of the cost of care for each child, who are normally victims of physical or sexual abuse or both.  This leaves a $1000.00 shortage for each child. Corporate, individual and foundation support is needed to fill this funding gap.  The Foundation is proud to help in even a small way.  You can learn more about this organization at Madonna’s Center was the second recipient for a $1000.00 donation.  “Serving teens who are 'with child’ and without essential support in Clackamas County” is their mission statement.  They have learned that even the small things they do make a big difference.  One young mother, Kayla, is partially blind with a young son.  She lives on her own and is doing quite well, but needs a washer & dryer, as she has difficulty using the one in her complex and is afraid of going to a Laundromat.  A portion of the $1000.00 donation will go to help get her a washer & dryer.  Once she no longer needs them, they will be returned to the Madonna’s Center to help someone else. A couple of retired deputies have taken time to go by the Madonna’s Center to see if they can help.  They use their own pickup trucks to deliver things such as baby cribs to teen parents.  More info can be found Both of these organizations help all of us in law enforcement by helping young people through some very tough times.   They came to a Foundation Board of Directors meeting last month and gave excellent presentations.  The donations were approved with a unanimous vote. Thank you for all your donations that allow us to help these organizations, as well as build up our own emergency fund.
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