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Belated Information about Alex Hussey

Once again, thank you to everyone who has been helping Alex and his family during his recovery from his wounds.  See the article below on the News Page for the previous story. We apologize for not getting this information up on the website sooner.  I hope to get more from Heidi soon. Heidi Johnson, Alex's aunt, reported on 9/19/12: I wanted to let all you know that Alex is doing really awesome. The doctors have gotten the infections cleared up enough they are starting to close up the open the open wounds and working on the skin graphs on his knees and left hand. A lot of the minor wounds have healed and his face is not disfigured. The only tube that is left is the tracheotomy, so this prohibits him from talking. My sister is his Power of Attorney and will have to stay with Alex until he is able to make decisions on his own. Alex is now communicating with blinking his eyes and he is well aware of who is around him and conversations. Alex is getting stronger every day and he is drawing strength from all of the well wishes and prayers. Not bad for such a tragedy just over a month ago. President Obama went and saw Alex yesterday and presented him with a Presidential Challenge coin and thanked him for his service to this country.  Alex was presented with a purple heart a few weeks ago. Thank you so much for your support it has meant everything to my family and most of all Alex. And Heidi sent this note on 9/24/12: Alex's platoon has been visiting him this past week and he is mostly sleeping but is aware of his surroundings and the people who are there. The PIC line was replaced with a standard IV. The Wound Vacs are really not pulling any fluid, so they are removing those. They are working to weaning him off the Trach tube, and hope to have it removed soon. He is able to rest peacefully which is what needs to happen. Alex is looking good and the starts his skin grafting on his legs Monday. The docs say if the grafting looks good then 5-10 days after he can be moved to a poly trauma center in California for further rehab, which will be awesome for our family. The doctors are optimistic about Alex's recovery, he will have a long way to go, but has done amazing so far. He is going to make it through this just fine.  My sister and Alex's fiance' said he is looking better each day and getting stronger.  Donations to help off-set the families costs are needed and very welcome.  Donations can be made by either mail or at any branch of the Clackamas Federal Credit Union.  Please make your donations to the CCPOBF and put Alex Hussey Fund in the memo line; mail to PO Box 426, Oregon City, OR 97045.  Your donation is tax deductible and a receipt will be sent to you promptly.         Thank you so much for your support it has meant everything to my family and most of all Alex.
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