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14th Annual Shop with a Cop – "Covid-19 Style"

14th Annual Shop with a Cop – "Covid-19 Style"

Due to Covid-19, our Law Enforcement Community and Volunteers will not be able to do Shop with a Cop (SWAC) like we have for the past thirteen years. CCPOBF had to get creative to find a new way to serve the children in Clackamas County who have had enforcement contact with police or require assistance for a variety of reasons. Sometimes this may involve an adult family member or older sibling who may have been arrested.

In previous years, the school counselors have been our go-to persons to assist the Foundation in acquiring the children for SWAC. Due to on-line school this fall, we decided it was necessary to find a different avenue for obtaining our SWAC kids.

A CCPOBF Sub-Committee was formed and the decision was made to assist children through programs in Clackamas County such as:

  • Family Justice Court
  • Clackamas Substance Abuse Program
  • Children’s Center of Clackamas County
  • Sex Trafficking Victims of Clackamas County

We will also be reaching out to our School Resource Officers and Law Enforcement Personnel to see if they have children who they have worked with during 2020 who could benefit from SWAC.

Board Members and Volunteers will be doing the shopping for these children this year. Law Enforcement personnel will then deliver the gifts to the children between December 1st and 12th.

Every $100.00 in donations received is one more Clackamas County child who will get to participate in SWAC 2020!

Donations may be made online at or mailed to CCPOBF PO Box 678, Clackamas, Or 97015

Questions can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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