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NAMI walk – CCSO Team!

The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office has a team to walk in the annual NAMI walk on Saturday, May 20th. The event is free and it’s only 3 miles! You walk that far to the refrigerator in a week!

Clackamas County Shop with a Cop 2011

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cop and girlThe Clackamas County Shop with a Cop event will be on Saturday, December 10, 2011! This will be our 5th one!  It is sponsored by the Clackamas County Peace Officers Benevolent Foundation.  The CCPOA put on the annual Cruzin’ with the Cops and all money raised at that event is used for the Shop with a Cop.  Enough was raised thisyear that we can host 105 kids – all from our own communities here in

Clackamas County.  We have 70 kids from the North Clackamas School District (mostly from the Overland Park area); 10 each from Canby, Molalla, and Estacada, and 5 from West Linn.

Children are selected by the school counseling staffs and must be from families that are legitimately poor.  The other criteria are that they have had some negative contact with law enforcement, such as a parent or sibling arrested.  In those situations, they often hear bad words about police from those arrested.  This event allows these kids a chance to know police officers first hand in a positive environment.  Each child gets a $100 gift card and shops with an officer.  Parents are not allowed to shop with the kids, as this detracts from the experience.

Shopping with a copPolice Officers, Deputies, and Troopers from all of Clackamas County are encouraged to come in uniform or if in civilian clothes, to wear a “raid” jacket or shirt that displays a police logo.  CCSO members are eligible for Community Service credit (bring your form with you for signature).

Retirees are encouraged to attend and help out with either shopping or the myriad of other things that are necessary to make this event a success. We will have a variety of CCPOA & CCPOBF t-shirts for those who need something to wear.

Volunteers please come at 6:45 to help set up.  The kids will be coming to shop in two “waves”.  The first at 7:00 am and the second at 8:30 am.  We hope to be done by 11:00 am!

The Shop with a Cop will be at the Wal-Mart on SE 82nd Avenue behind Krispy Kreme (who donates donuts for the parents).  All gifts will be wrapped before they leave the store courtesy of Wal-Mart and their employees.

Shopping with a copWe, too, are looking for stuffed animals for our Santa to give out.  If you have any that you’d like to see used here in Clackamas County, let the Foundation know or drop them off in the barrel in the lobby of the Citizens Bank, 19245 Molalla Ave, Oregon City.

Contact Mark Koberstein to advise if you will be attending or have stuffed animals to donate.  Contributions to the Shop with a Cop are also a great tax deduction and every $100 means another child gets to shop!  (503) 744-0712

Sheriff Roberts rides in Cycle Oregon

Sheriff Roberts rides in Cycle OregonSept 10 through the 17th will find Sheriff Craig Roberts pedaling his bicycle in his second Cycle Oregon outing. Craig will be riding a tandem bicycle, and pushing him along in the back seat will be his 14 year old son, Ryan. It will be a week long ride covering 500 miles. The ride will begin in Sutherlin and pass through the communities of Cottage Grove, Reedsport, Bandon, Port Orford, Riddle, Powers and returning to the start location in Sutherlin.

Craig is a board member of the Clackamas County Peace Officer’s Benevolent Foundation. He has a great heart for children, and one of the reasons for the ride is to help raise awareness of the plight of thousands of orphans living in conditions unimaginable by western standards in the war torn nation of Liberia.

The Benevolent Foundations supports the work being done in Liberia by Orphan Relief and Rescue, a small charity working hard at improving the living conditions of some of these children. To date we have raised approximately $90,000.00 that has been used to build a complete new orphanage for 50 children. We have purchased and shipped a near new pickup truck to Liberia that is being used in the many construction and renovation projects on several very substandard orphanages. We have also shipped two large crates of children’s clothes containing more than 500 garments, generously donated by Columbia Sportswear.

We are currently working on raising $22,000.00 which will provide furniture, 24 bunk beds with mosquito nets for a new boy’s dorm, as well as furniture and school desks for 150 students. The needs are many and ongoing, and if you would like to donate, please do so at this website and mark Orphan Relief and Rescue as the recipient.

Thanks for your support,

Craig Roberts,
Clackamas County

Life Happens – LIVE IT!

Life Happens - Live itJake was recently featured in the Oregonian HERE.

Jake is an excellent motivational speaker. We at the foundation encourage you to take a look at what he can bring to your group and check out his new book.

You can find out more about Jake at his

“If you walk away today with nothing else, remember: Optimism is a choice. Every challenge presents that choice.” “Life happens. Live it!”   -Jake French

Cruzin’ with the Cops 2011

The 2011 Cruzin’ with the Cops will be held on Sunday, July 31, 2011 at the Clackamas County Event Center located in Canby. This is a new venue for the Cruzin’ and will allow for many old and new ideas to make this a great event. We hope you can join us. Click on the Cruzin’ with the Cops link to the left for more information and registration form. All funds this year will go to the Clackamas County Shop with a Cop event, held each December. Every $100.00 raised will be one more kid that can shop!

CCPOBF Charity Auction

Orphan Relief and Rescue
Orphan Relief and Rescue

Approximately 150 guests attended and we will have raised nearly $25,000.00. Not quite as much as we had hoped for, but given the state of our current economy, I think it is a respectable showing.

There are a lot of people who played an important role in making this event a success. I would especially like to thank the Al Kader Shrine Center staff for the generous cost saving concessions that they extended to us as well as their assistance in making the auction a fun and successful event. Our auctioneer, Grant Sharp and announcer, Ann Mincey did a wonderful job. Two CCSO honor guardsmen and two staff members from OR&R acted as auction spotters. I have received many compliments on the food that was prepared and served by Linda Fender and several volunteers from theMolalla Nazarene Church . Many thanks also to all the other volunteers, sponsors and donors.

We will continue to look for fundraising opportunities that will assist Orphan Relief and Rescue to improve the lives of some of the many orphans and abandoned children living in desperate conditions in Liberia.

Click HERE to see a short video of the amazing things Orphan Relief & Rescue is doing.

John Van Huizen


The Clackamas County Peace Officers Benevolent Foundation Shop with a Cop was a great success! 79 children from 3 school districts were able to come to Wal-Mart on SE 82nd Avenue on Saturday, December 11th and shop with a cop.

15 children were escorted up to the store by Canby Police Department and shopped with their officers. Lieutenant Jorge Tro coordinated their outing for the 3rd consecutive year.

Molalla Police Department’s officers and employees have 100% participation in payroll deduction donations to the Benevolent Foundation, so they were invited to bring 10 kids from their school district. Many of their officers, to include Chief Jerry Giger, spent the morning shopping with the kids from their city and stayed to help with many others.

Ellen Baltus, counselor for North Clackamas School District, was able to gather 51 children from the Overland Park neighborhood, which has been a signature safety program for the Sheriff’s Office for many years. Three additional children came with siblings and were funded to shop by on-the-spot generosity, bringing the total number of kids that shopped to 79.

Each of the 61 kids that were sponsored by the Benevolent Foundation received a $100 allowance to shop with. As each arrived, they were paired with a uniformed police officer, who was given the gift card and a shopping cart and off they went! Parents were required to wait, where PJ Steigleder was able to treat them to a donation of Krispy Kreme donuts! When done shopping, it was time to go through the checkout. Many officers helped when the kids went over their $100 limits. Gift wrapping of presents was donated by Wal-Mart to include employee volunteers and wrapping materials. Dentists in the area also donated hygiene packets for each child and Columbia Sportswear donated employee shopping passes to their store.

The Sheriff’s Office contingent of shoppers was led by expert budgeter Captain Kevin Layng.

Children are selected by school counselors who have had a negative exposure to police, such as a family member arrested. Often a person who has been arrested will blame the police for their indiscretion and try to shift the blame for what is happening to the police, leaving children with the impression that police are bad. This shopping event allows children to be one-on-one with a police officer and get to know them as what they truly are – average people doing a very difficult job, with families and children just like them. It is hoped that the seeds planted with help the children better appreciate their ‘cops’.

A $1000 grant from Wal-Mart helped off-set costs, as well as a special donation by Mr. Neil Hughes for $500. Other donors included William & Linda Olson, John & Marianne Van Huizen, Mark & Terri Koberstein, and Richard & Judy Thompson, totaling $2000.

To top it all off, Dick Ellis reprised his annual role as Santa, along with his loyal elf, Bella. All kids got a picture with Santa and a stuffed animal.

The following volunteers & ‘shoppers’ were very much appreciated:

Charlie Baker, Sherri Magdlen, John & Marianne Van Huizen, Jaime Ingham, Patty McMillan, Gordon & Cindy White, Ellen Baltus, Ken McCormick, Wilda Parks, Dick Ellis & Bella, Phillip & Amber Hoang, Steve Long, Tony LaPointe, James Hohensee, Ken Haider, Steve Hohensee, Kevin Layng, Robert Call, Erin Brisben, Ben Frazier, Gil Millett, James Keen, Brad Leikem, Hannah Davis, John Gibson, Rob & Diana Dunkle, Dan O’Keeffe, Dessa DeForest, Mark Koberstein, Terri Cassebarth, Curt Kessler, Andrew McVey, Greg Martin, Agnes Moyer, Amanda Geislinger, Lucas Tegemecht, Chris Nicholson, Colt Steeves, Jerry Giger, Paul Coleman and Mike Zacher Jr.

One woman arrived with 3 kids. She checked in and had only one child listed to shop. The other two were sitting on the floor, out of the way. The boy took off his coat and gave it to his sister, who was shivering from the cold. When asked about the other two kids, the woman said that she had received word that her one child was invited, but not the other two. She said that she had to bring them, because she lived in her car and there was no place else for them to stay. They shared one coat between them. A quick donation was made and two more gift cards purchased so all three kids could shop. Two coats from the limited ones supplied by Columbia Sportswear were given them, too. The appreciation in the mother’s eyes and the joy in the kids’ faces made for the entire event.

Thank you to Board of Directors of the Benevolent Foundation for organizing this great event and to all of you who volunteered to make it happen.

Steve Hyson

President, Clackamas County Peace Officers Benevolent Foundation.


The Cruzin’ with the Cops Classic Car Show is looked forward to each year by hundreds of car enthusiasts.  Because of it’s unique theme, this car show can be considered one of the best in the Northwest.

The Cruzin’ with the Cops was founded by a cop, Sergeant Ed Mura of the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office.  Ed was able to bring together many volunteers and made the first Cruzin’ in 2006 a huge success.  Folks like Mike Zacher, Brian Carkner and Curt Kessler are the core of the Cruzin’, coordinating the actual class structure, entry procedures, show set up and judging.  Others have been there since the beginning and the Cruzin’ would not have been successful without them.  Shara Van Meter does an unbelievable job of coordinating the drawings and central admin area of the Cruzin’.  Joyce Nagy deserves all the credit for the great logo of the Cruzin’, to include the change last year to a Dodge Charger (the logo, not Joyce).  And of course the Energizer Bunny Dick Ellis.  There have been many others over the years and each has been able to bring something to the Cruzin’.

The Chairperson this year is Brian Koppert, a Sheriff’s Office veteran and the specialist at coordinating vendors for the Cruzin.  We are honored to have retired Sheriff’s Sergeant Damon Coates actively involved in the Cruzin Committee this year.  Damon will be playing a key role on the day of the Cruzin, so if you haven’t seen or talked to him in awhile, here’s your chance!

The funds raised by the Cruzin’ with the Cops will benefit the Clackamas County Peace Officers’ Benevolent Foundation.  This organization is a private 501(c)(3) charitable and educational non-profit.  The Foundation has a four-fold mission, the primary of which is to assist police officers and their families who work in Clackamas County during traumatic incidents, such as the death or serious injury of a police officer.  Other components of the Foundation’s mssion include providing support to those organizations that work with at-risk children; educational opportunities where the community can learn more about what law enforcement does; and working with vicitms of cirme or organizations that work with victims of crime.  The Foundation has been acitve since 2006 and has been able to assist in many situations where no other help was available.  Learn more about the Benevolent Foundation on this website.

We hope to see you at the 2010 Cruzin’ with the Cops on August 15th!